Civilware Fresh Tracks Event

January 7, 2017

Long Beach, California

The guys at Civilware know how to have a good time, whether that’s in the freezing cold hunting bighorn sheep or at a local clothing store with an art gallery. Thursday night’s event took place at Port Long Beach and featured original documentaries by Civilware along with a photo gallery showing off some beautiful shots by Tanner Johnson. The party heated up fast with beer from a local brewery flowing; and soon after I took most of these photos the place became packed out with little room to move (the photos really don’t do it justice).

It was refreshing to see so many skaters and locals come out for an outdoor company’s event in an area known for leaning on the anti-hunting side. Everyone was friendly and I was able to meet quite a few new people. Civilware founder Geoff Rowley mingled in the crowd along with longtime skate videographer Ryan Allan. All the guys involved at Civilware are totally down to earth, and because of this they attract a good crowd of people. If Civilware has another event like this in the future I would highly encourage anyone in the area to come out.




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