Range Day at Raahauge’s

November 1, 2016

Raahauge’s is a range that I always heard good things about, yet never got the chance to go out to. It’s one of those places that isn’t too far (about an hour away), but it just feels like a mission to get to. I have got to say, the staff was friendly and the range has ample space with cool Western looking buildings to do drills in. Raahauge’s definitely did not disappoint. You can reserve your own “lanes,” which are more along the lines of half-acre parcels, or you can use the public range with no reservation required. I would opt for the former if you plan to make a trip out there.

Training is essential, and if you need to take a newbie out to show him/her basic movements or drills but don’t have the private property to do it on, this would be an ideal spot.



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