SHOT Show 2016 Recap

January 26, 2016

I shot out of the dark desert abyss like a .308, burning through the night to hit his mark. The lights from the city flooded me with a warm wave of reassurance, letting me know that everything would be ok, because I would be holding machine guns by morning. The mecca of the shooting world had been reached.

For everyone in the shooting industry SHOT Show is the sacred site of temporary commune, complete with ritualistic desert shoots and gun bunny galore in typical Vegas fashion. For most shooters it’s a trade show watched through online videos and updates with eager anticipation. For others it’s a crowded trade show where industry execs and real deal operators brush shoulders with celebrities and average joes. For me it’s a time to take photos and get videos of the latest guns; and this year I didn’t have to sleep on the ground bundled in an unwashed, hooker-used blanket.

Sig Sauer

If it’s not apparent yet from my incessant Instagram posts, I am quite fond of Sig firearms. In the main room at SHOT one of the first “booths” (more like the size of a small town) I hit was Sig Sauer. I thought I knew what to expect with the new Legion series of pistols they released a few months ago, but I did not expect to see a new American-made P210. The classic Swiss and German made pistol is world-renowned for its accuracy and trigger. It would seem almost detestable to make it in the US, as its claim to fame is its European precision. However, people seem to be quite excited for the new American P210. Check my video of the gun here:


Colt Firearms

A couple of cool “new” items I spotted at the Colt booth was an M45 CQBP with a new burnt bronze color and a reissue of the classic 1903. The 1903 is absolutely impeccable and feels incredible in the hands. According to one guy at Colt Classic it’s a 99% reproduction of the original. Check my video of the new Colt 1903 here:

Brügger & Thomet

The only company importing semi-auto rifles and submachine guns from Switzerland right now is Brügger & Thomet, also known as B&T. Known for making possibly the best firearms in the world, B&T is finally importing them to the US, which I am absolutely ecstatic about. The APC9, APC45, APR308 and APR338 are all available for purchase right now. The APC556, which accepts standard AR magazines will be available soon.

PTR Industries

Making the finest HK 91 clones in the world, PTR Industries doesn’t really need to do much to keep sales going. They just need to keep doing their thing and making variations of their venerable PTR 91. I got a cool video of John from PTR showing off the PTR 91 FR and its takedown. Big thanks to the guys at PTR – they are always warm and welcoming. Check it:

Additional Photos

Although I wasn’t able to get a video of every booth I was able to get photos of various guns and products that seem to be crowd-pleasers this year.


At the SilencerCo booth: A SPAS 12 and an HK MP7.

The FN15 M16 Military Collector’s Series

R Lee Ermey during an autograph session

Royce Gracie talks to fans.

The FN M249S semi-auto civilian legal.

Just a minigun.

Chiappa Triple Crown shotguns.

Heckler & Koch HK MG4 machine gun.



Until next year.Group-Bullets1



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